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Group photo - mary williams - 05/07/2008

Just returned from Highlights of Tuscany (departed 26th June) Jonathan tour manager took group photo which (I think) he was going to publish on website - pls advise how can I get a copy?

Group photo - Cheryl- your editor - 08/07/2008

Dear Mary,

I've enquired about this for you and now just awaiting a reply. I'll let you know as soon as I find out. Glad you enjoyed your holiday with us.

Kind Regards
Cherl, Your Editor

Group photo - Cheryl- your editor - 16/07/2008

Hi Mary,

I have asked my colleague to email your personal account with Jonathons email details in order for him to forward the group photo to you from your holiday in Tuscany. I hope this is ok, hope to see it up on the community as soon as you receive it!

Kind regards,

Cheryl, your editor

Group photo - mary williams - 19/07/2008

Tks Cheryl - pls clarify "personal account" - do you mean my personal email address? or my account with Just You? if the latter not sure how to access email?

I am in touch with several ladies from the tour and we are all keen to get copies of the photo!

We all loved the Just You experience - couldn't fault it - just checking your brochures for the next one!

Tks Mary

Group photo - Cheryl- your editor - 21/07/2008

Hi Mary,

I am so glad that you had such a fantastic time and are already looking for your next holiday. If you would like any information about any of the tours that take your fancy, just let me know...I will be happy to help.

We have sent Jonathans email address to your personal email. If you email him requesting the photo, he said he will be happy to forward it to you or any of the ladies that would like a copy.

I hope this makes sense!

Warm wishes,

Cheryl, your editor

Group photo - mary williams - 22/07/2008

Hi Cheryl - I must be your best pen pal!
Sorry but no email from you received - plenty of [censored] offers (!!) but no email address for Jonathan - could you please try again - having told the ladies I can achieve this I dont want to let them down.
Im looking at North Cyprus end of Sept - and Iceland over New Year is very tempting too.
Best regards Mary

Group photo - Cheryl- your editor - 24/07/2008

Dear Mary,

The email will be from one of my colleagues. I've asked for the information to be sent to you again. Maybe check your junk mail folder (if you have one) because if you receive emails from people not on your address list they have a tendency to end up in there! Let me know when you have received it or if you need any further information about any of our holidays.

Best Wishes,
Cheryl, Your Editor