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Any ages? - bgingie - 01/04/2008

I have read the reassuring messages but wonder if at 61 I am too old to start going it alone.

Any ages? - nixon - 04/04/2008

No way are you to old, book the holiday you will have a great time. Youngest that has been in the group I have been on has been about 43 oldest maybe very late 70's??. I love the age mix myself its great talking to people of all ages.

I hope you pick up the phone and make that call.

Cindy Dinsmore

Any ages? - Liz - 05/04/2008

No - you certainly are not too old! I'm 63 and whilst this is my first holiday with Just You, it's not the first I've taken alone. I went to Switzerland last year on a non-sigles holiday and it was fine! People are, by and large, really very nice!

Any ages? - gosneym - 16/05/2008

Hi there

I am recently divorced and feel I don't want my holidays to stop but am really nervous about going on my own in case I'm left stuck in a corner with nobody speaking to me :-)

Any ages? - Cheryl- your editor - 16/05/2008

Hi Maureen,

Thanks for your message. I just wanted to reply to reassure you that alot of our customers are divorcees and have the same worries as you, having not travelled alone before. Just You is specifically designed for single travellers, however we still have a wide range of customers from married couples, widows, single women/men or small groups of friends so you wont be left out at all.

Most of our holiday makers return having made really stronge friendships on their trips and you can always keep in touch with your new friends when you get back...that is what the community is here for!

I really hope that you overcome your fear, bite the bullet and book with Just You. If you have any questions at all, please dont hesitate to ask me, I will be happy to give you any information you need.

Kind regards

Cheryl, your editor

Any ages? - Diane - 19/05/2008


I am 38 years old and will be going on my second trip with just you shortly, there are a mixture of ages which go on these trip ageing from 20s to 90s, you are never too old or too young as everyone is so friendly and everyone mixes well together.

Any ages? - JustAndy103 - 25/06/2008

Hi bgingie.
On my trip back in September my two partners in crime were a 31 year old lady, me at 46, And then a 79 year old chap. He kept us out to all hours. And boy could he Line dance he he. This was all our first single holidays. Therefore don't worry if this is your first, you will be fine. Andy

Any ages? - themeparkman - 22/08/2008

Dear Gosneym Hope your Ok.Im new to Just You too. My name is Neil. If you want to contact me, please do.Neil